Mermaids Treasure

  • One-Of-A-Kind Signed By the Artist! 
  • Limited edition handmade fused glass. 
  • High-Quality Brass spans the length of the hinges for support. 
  • All metal is polished and finished with a protective coating of Carnauba wax
  • The glass is taken through an annealing process at high temperatures for strength and durability. 

Length 11cm
Width   11cm
Heigh   7cm
Depth   3.5cm

Dichroic Glass has added a bright shimmer when you move the box she shines. 

Collecting shiny small treasures as you walk along the beach ( splish) you look up and see the flip of a tail. Thinking to yourself  NO no one would believe me!  It was just a big fish, Or it could become a tall tale pass down for generation.  

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