Still Waters

  • One-Of-A-Kind Signed By the Artist! 
  • Limited edition handmade fused glass. 
  • High-Quality Brass spans the length of the hinges for support. 
  • All metal is polished and finished with a protective coating of Carnauba wax
  • The glass is taken through an annealing process at high temperatures for strength and durability. 

Width/langth    5"X5"
Height   2.5"

Dichroic Glass has added a bright shimmer when you move the box she shines. 

Few people know the depth of one person's emotions. It is what we keep inside to endure for the sake of someone else being supportive.  Even when we hurt too, I encourage you not to stuff your feelings down in deep waters only for the dam to break later.   Write them down put them in a box hold them until they're not needed and let them go.