Dance with Delight

  • One-Of-A-Kind Signed By the Artist! 
  • Limited edition handmade fused glass. 
  • High-Quality Brass spans the length of the hinges for support. 
  • All metal is polished and finished with a protective coating of Carnauba wax
  • The glass is taken through an annealing process at high temperatures for strength and durability. 

Length  10cm
Width  10cm
Heigh  5.5
Depth 3.5cm


When your favorite song comes on, and nobody's around you dance! Uninhibited carefree letting your body move exactly the way you want to. Without any concerns of the judgment of anybody watching. Dancing is an excellent way to bring the energy up. Helping the flow of heart rhythms improves concentration, releasing compressed,             pent-up energies, I believe it lets the creativity flow. 



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