A Call to the Universe

  • One-Of-A-Kind Signed By the Artist!    
  • Limited edition handmade fused glass. 
  • High-Quality Brass spans the length of the hinges for support. 
  • All metal is polished and finished with a protective coating of Carnauba wax
  • The glass is taken through an annealing process at high temperatures for strength and durability. 

Length 13cm
Width   13cm
Heigh   6cm
Depth   3.5cm 

When you want to change something Deep inside you calls begging you to answer to listen. There comes the point when self-preservation and freedom battle in your mind. And when you call out to the universe things start to happen at first you get hit with a string a what seem to be bad luck. But hold on this is just a test. In times like this, you can not fear to make the call out. Life is clearing a path for you take it.

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