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Currently, I am teaching a class's at the Fine line creative art center.
It has been an incredible experience participating in community events with an excellent grope of people.
I enjoy inspiring people with art. Watching the connection between imagination and the story helping people find their passion. 
My students create custom sheets of kiln formed glass for your stained glass box. These sheets can be cut up and incorporated into finished works of art. The possibilities are endless; We will explore how and wen to use opaque and transparent glass. Creating patterns with stencils and powdered frit.
Students will be encouraged to find what speaks to them.
 Glass can tell a story as it bends and reflects light. Captivated by the Steampunk movement. I encourage my students to bring old pieces of jewelry to class an old earring that you only have one of but just can't part with it. I take delight in using found objects and incorporating them into art.  Being able to share ideas enjoying time just for you. For 15 years I have worked on perfecting my craft in stained glass. Working with fused glass that is fired in a kiln overnight is the latest addition on how to evolve your profession.  When it comes to design, I say if you can’t find it make it.  
Stop and take some time just for you, bring friends and do something different and take a class you will learn something new and make some memories
Here are some of the finished boxes my students have made.