About the Artist

Life has a story

A good story can teach us lessons, help lift us up, empower us, and remind us to reach for our strength.

Art has a voice

Art can inspire, remind us of emotions, and provoke action.

My story, my voice
When I was young, I thought a box could hold magic. I would put my secrets, dreams, and desires inside to keep them safe and protect what I held close.
Glass has always mesmerized me. For the past 15 years I've worked with stained glass, and in more recent years I have crossed over to fused glass. Being able to actually melt glass was a thrill. Art is a lot like life - it is messy and raw, and it is a process of constant evolution and learning. The learning curve is steep, but persistence has paid off.

For three years in a row, I have won awards for my art glass at various juried shows in Illinois, and enjoy exhibiting and selling my wares at art shows and street markets and festivals. I still get exhilarated every time I open my kiln, and I see a new piece smiling back at me.

As an artist, I'm always looking for inspiration. One of the best places I find it is in nature. When I’m not in my studio, you can find me kayaking on the lake in the mornings. The beautiful sunrises pulling the color from a sunset is always a treat for me. Using the texture of tree bark or a pinecone, I find harmony in nature that I infuse in my glasswork. I design my own fused glass sheets, playing with color and texture.

I believe in the quality of craftsmanship. Each piece is unique, with beautiful details and sturdy construction that will stand the test of time.

Every box I make uses the voice of art to remind you of your story
The stories we tell ourselves matter! Everything starts with you. In creating my art, I consider the struggles people go through in life, as well as the Archetypal stories of humanity and the Earth.

I encourage you to look around my website to find a story to help you through your day. Perhaps you know someone who needs some encouragement to realize their story. There is beauty in all our stories. With this in mind, I create my glass art and share it with you. What secrets and dreams will yours hold? A favorite piece of jewelry from a lover?  A dried flower from the hand of a toddler? A poem from a favorite grandmother?         The joy and delight you felt with that story can come through my art, held safe in a box as beautiful as your life.