The Why

March 05, 2017

The Why

Over the past 15 years, the path to becoming an artist has been a remarkably wild ride. Let me share some of the lessons I’ve learned. Most importantly you can take hardship and transform it into something positive. What do you do when devastation hits so ferociously that it knocks you flat on your face? You have two choices—you can shrink and give up, or you can choose to fight. I decided to fight, 

I thought about walking away when my house flooded, and I lost everything— and I mean everything. Sitting in an empty, gutted room with tears rolling down my hot cheeks I heard a whisper deep down in my soul. I truly thought I had nothing left. Nothing to share. Nothing to give. At that moment, the voice clearly said, “it's time to fight.” This poem was born from that experience. 


The life we live what we decide... how we pull up from a nosedive at any one given moment in time... in this ... this is where you meet yourself In this is where all your emotions have a face to where you can accept or not ... In this, I CHOOSE to meet all of me... If I crash and burn I do it gracefully rise like a phoenix ... for I have a lot of love a lot of nerve I don't know where this curve will take me but I will go with all of me
Dawn Donati

In the process of rebuilding my art became my inspiration and the gave me the power to persist. I have taken from pushing past all the things I thought I couldn’t do, to remind myself to listen carefully to life and the lessons it gives you. It gave me strength, and it will do the same for you.

 The essence of my art. This is why I use the symbolism I do. I create to give understanding and foster acceptance. I use my art because it has deep, layered meaning. People see their story coming through as their minds digest what they are looking at. They see themselves in my art and take from it what it says to them. It's a reminder that they have fighting spirits, as we all do deep in our souls. Art has a unique ability to draw that out of us. It just takes a little something to remind us.